What you need to know about safe online dating?

What you need to know about safe online dating?

Lots of men who are looking for a wife abroad and especially wife from Ukraine or Russia know and some also faced scam online. 

Before it was only a few ways but nowadays many of my clients who joined sites or dating apps before, told me more and more stories and scam schemes how they were scammed. I want to give you 3 scam phrases after you hear you need to see it as a red flags in online dating and better stop communicating with this person. And, of course, I wanted to tell you about a safe way to find a partner by online dating

Pay attention to these phrases on an online date

So first will be that lady from Ukraine or Russia can’t speak with you on a video call , because she has bad internet or she doesn’t have a phone with camera… In Ukraine all young people have phones with cameras, internet is available everywhere, even in war zones , so this is juts a trick not to speak to you because maybe she is married, or it’s even not a woman but some guy who is chatting with you. So if your girlfriend is not 85 you should consider it as a flag 

Second – Ask to send her money before you even meet each other, because she doesn’t have money to pay the rent, her mother is sick or things like that. I won’t say it’s not normal to help your beloved person in difficult times and actually Slavic girls really appreciate strong man who can take care of her and about her problems. But it means when you are in real relationships! If you didn’t meet each other yet, and she is already trying to get advantage from you you should see it as a red flag

Imagine you are going to meet soon finally this online relationships moving to something real and soon you will meet your Ukrainian girl. But after you decided about dates she tells you that she need to make passport that cost 500 euro, and also she need money to show it on a border because in security check they ask her proofs that she has the ability to travel and have money for that. No, no and no. No one when you fly in or our will ask her to show her money. Only problems that can be on customs checks in Ukraine for example, or you bring more then 10000 euro cash. To make passport wont cost you more then 100-150 euro even you are doing it in 1-2 days.

So all that stories are complete myth and you need to consider it as a red flag! 

Dating for serious relationships

I hope my article will really help you to avoid online scam. And if you really want to meet lady who seriously want to get married and open to move to a country of her future husband, join my dating agency – Princess Date Kyiv, and I will be happy to see your harmonious relationship.