The New York Times will make a documentary about Britney Spears' struggle with her father
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The New York Times will make a documentary about Britney Spears’ struggle with her father


The American edition of the New York Times revealed that they have started to shoot a documentary about Britney Spears and her attempts to get rid of her father.

Recall that singer Britney Spears was declared legally incompetent by the court. In 2008, the girl was placed in the custody of her father, and for the past year she has been constantly trying to prove the opposite and get rid of custody.

The documentary about her problem will be called Framing Britney Spears. It will talk about the #FreeBritney movement on the internet and will also explain the whole situation with the singer’s mental health. After all, it was Britney’s mental health issues that got her appointed guardian in the person of her father Jamie Spears.

The #FreeBritney movement began in August 2020, when the singer appealed to the court and tried to change her guardian, but the court denied her request.

Britney Spears then stated that she refused to go on stage while Jamie Spears was her guardian.

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