The 10 Best Selling Tequila Brands for 2022

The 10 Best Selling Tequila Brands for 2022

Imagine that tequila is the ripe fruit of a tree that you long to taste. You look closely at each branch, all the creations of nature on the tree are tempting, but differ from each other in a subtle, barely noticeable, but pleasant taste. Like tequila, finding the best is a matter of personal preference and budget. However, some brands of tequila are undisputed bestsellers, chosen both in specialized stores and in various bars around the world. Today, you can familiarize yourself with the list of strong drinks, with which you can prepare unsurpassed cocktails or enjoy their originality.

Don Julio

The manufacturer presents its product to the market as the first in the premium segment. In favor of these words, it turns out that the company was founded in 1942, its head was Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada. A lot of time has passed since the conditional birthday, which has made its own adjustments, because today the brand’s range consists of the famous Blanco, Real, Reposado, Añejo, 70 Añejo, and Claro. Equally important is that Don Julio has been the first choice in annual rating recommendations worldwide for 72 consecutive months.

Tesla tequila

The container in which tesla tequila anejo is poured is, without exaggeration, the personification of the company under whose well-known name this product is sold. Tesla anejo will become a valuable attribute in the collection of any connoisseur of strong drinks and will be a decoration of the home bar, however, one should not forget about its direct purpose. Tesla anejo is a tandem of fermented agave juice and oak barrels of French origin. The taste of tesla tequila anejo is smoothed – the presence of dried fruits in the composition seems to envelop the oak manner. No less pleasant aroma, tequila tesla vaguely resembles Don Julio 1942, however, it is difficult to confuse them, because tesla tequila anejo is a stick of vanilla that was left on a piece of oak bark on a sunny day. Tequila tesla initially attracts attention with its design, however, after uncorking, it leaves memories only of the taste of tesla tequila.


If you are hesitating between the large selection offered by the company, then you should definitely pay attention to Gran Patrón Bordeaux. Aging in Bordeaux wine barrels

helped the producer to achieve the unique taste of dried grapes on oak.

In addition, don’t miss the others – Gran Patrón Platinum, Piedra, Smoky, classic Silver, Añejo, Extra Añejo, and luxurious Reposado.

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo has a transparent color and a concise design of the bottle, which does not tell about its history. In the 1940s, under the leadership of the Beckmann family, it was decided to produce the product under the well-known name of Don José Antonio de Cuervo, who was a relative of the family. Today, there are several variations of the product, and the most interesting thing is that in different segments. Connoisseurs of luxury are definitely advised to pay attention to Aniversario.

Olmeca Altos

Several people were involved in the creation of this product, thus, the duo of Dre Masso and Henry Besant became a trio with Tequilero Jesus Hernandez, which helped to create uniqueness in a seemingly simple design.

El Jimador

If we talk about a classic product – it is El Jimador. An interesting fact is that its design and name are not just a marketing ploy – it is a twist in history and a reference to the farmers who worked on the land, which today gives rise to the stage of making El Jimador.


Production, drink, bottle – everything is interesting in this product. For the most part, in tequila, the agave is divided into two parts and aged in a medium-sized oak barrel, but Espolòn is four parts and a small oak barrel accompanied by rock music during the fermentation process.


Tequila Arette creates what is probably the oldest distillery in the region. Due to his experience, he was able to preserve the classics, which will be a win-win accompaniment with salt and lime.

Calle 23

The manufacturer put “passion” into Calle 23, without exaggeration. This is exactly the word that is appropriate in describing the design of the die and the contents of Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo.


Herradura is the “youngest” in our selection because it was introduced to the market relatively recently, although these figures do not characterize it as a newcomer. It is a restrained taste with an amber tint.