Quotes about love

Quotes about love

Beautiful quotes about love

Here are quotes from movies and TV series , and quotes from popular books . If you need to declare your love for a loved one or write nice words about love , then quotes about love will definitely suit you. Or you are just looking for how to sign a photo on Instagram 🙂

Only the one who gave him the greatest happiness can cause the greatest pain to a person ...

He who truly loves at least one person loves the whole world. (Fromm)

Love does not depend on our will, it comes without our merit, it disappears without our guilt (I. Franko) .

If you are going to love someone, learn to forgive first. (AV Vampilov)

If you love a person - let him go, if he comes back - he is yours forever, and if - no ... then she was never yours!

If I had known when I last saw you that this was the last time, I would try to remember your face, your gait, everything connected with you. And if I had known the last time I kissed you that it was the last time, I would never have stopped. 
Mike Hannigan

quotes about love

If a person is dead, you can't stop loving him, damn it. Especially if she was the best of all the living, you know? 
Jerome David Salinger
Above the abyss in rye

quotes about love

Here's the paradox: we perform feats for those who have nothing to do with us, and love us those who need us without any feats… 
love quotes

The most evil person's face blossoms when she is told that she is loved. So, in this happiness… 
Leo Tolstoy
quotes about a loved one

Someone is missing one woman, and he switches to the fifth, tenth. And the other does not have enough life to love the only one. 
Konstantin Khabensky
quotes about love from books

beautiful quotes about love

When it's all over, the pain of parting is proportional to the beauty of the love experienced. It is difficult to endure this pain, because a person immediately begins to suffer from memories. Alessandro Belli 
(Scusa ma ti chiamo amore

beautiful expressions of love

In an ideal relationship, pure love and dirty sex complement each other, not exclude each other. 
Brian Reed 
Oak Branches 
Daniel Forge 
quotes about love in english

You can fall in love with beauty, but fall in love - only the soul! 
William Shakespeare 
phrases about love in english

It is not difficult to die for love. It is difficult to find a love worth dying for. 
Frederick Begbeder

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You are beautiful, but empty, - the Little Prince continued. "I don't want to die for you." Of course, a casual passerby, looking at my rose, will say that it is exactly the same as you. But to me she is the most expensive of all of you. After all, it's her, not you, I watered every day. She, not you, was covered with a glass cap. He blocked it with a screen, protecting it from the wind. He killed caterpillars for her, leaving only two or three to hatch butterflies. I listened to her complain and brag, I listened to her, even when she was silent. She is mine. 
Quote in English
Antoine de Saint-Exupery The
Little Prince

Quotes from the Little Prince

There is nothing worse than loving someone who will never cease to disappoint you. 
Dr. House (House MD)
quotes about life and love

I fell in love with hysterics.
Am I hysterical? I'm not hysterical, I said I love you, and you only heard the word "hysterical."
Naked Truth (The Ugly Truth) 
Abby Richter Mike Chadway 
about love quotes

beautiful quotes about love

You need to have something in common to understand each other, and something different to love each other. 
Paul Gerald
love this quote

Most of all I want to come to you and lie down next to you. And know what we have tomorrow. 
Matsuo Monroe
Teach me to die

nice words to a loved one

I am not writing to ask you to come, I am writing to warn you: I will always wait. 
Frederick Begbeder
Love lives three years of

beautiful quotes for instagram

Your naked body should belong to the one who loves your naked soul. 
Quote in English
Charlie Chaplin

famous quotes about love

Wait… If you come closer, I will never let you go. 
More than sex (No Strings Attached)
Adam Franklin

quotes famous people about love

She was walking, and he wanted time to stop. On this desert sidewalk, he himself, not knowing why, he was already bored with her. When he shouted at her, she managed to take twelve steps - and she never admits that she counted every step. 
Mark Levy
Everyone wants to love

love quotes

He has talentedly manipulated women ever since he noticed that they are most attached to men who know how to listen, show tenderness and laugh. 
Janusz Leon Wisniew
Loneliness in the network of

love quotes

beautiful quotes about love

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