Quotes about love

Quotes about love and life

The essence of love is not to restrict a person, but to give them complete freedom and enjoy the fact that every day they choose you.

If I knew the last time I saw you, that it was the last time, I would try to remember your face, your gait, everything about you. And if I knew the last time I kissed you, that it was the last time, I would never stop. Friends
Mike Hannigan
Season 9
Quotes about love and life
If a person is dead, you can't stop loving them, damn it. Especially if he was the best person alive, you know? Jerome David Salinger
This is a paradox: we perform feats for those who do not care about us, and love us, those who need us without any feats …
The meanest man's face blossoms when he is told that he is loved. So this is happiness…Lev Tolstoy
One man can't get enough of one woman, so he switches to a fifth, a tenth. And another cannot live long enough to love the one and only one.
When it is over, the pain of separation is proportional to the beauty of the love experienced. It is difficult to endure this pain, because one is immediately tormented by memories. Forgive me for my love (Scusa ma ti chiamo amore)
You can fall in love with beauty, but you can only love your soul! William Shakespeare
In an ideal relationship, pure love and dirty sex are complementary, not mutually exclusive. Brianna Reed
Quotes about love and life
You're beautiful, but you're empty," the Little Prince went on. - I wouldn't want to die for you. Of course, a random passerby will look at my rose and say it's just like you. But it's the only one I care about more than all of you. After all, it is her, not you I watered every day. Her, not you, I covered with a glass cover. I covered her with a screen, protecting her from the wind. I killed the caterpillars for her, leaving only two or three to breed butterflies. I listened to her complain and brag, I listened to her even when she fell silent. She is mine. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
I fell in love with a hysterical girl.
I'm hysterical? I'm not hysterical!
I said I loved you, and all you heard was the word "hysterical." The Ugly Truth
There's nothing worse than loving someone who will never stop disappointing you.  House M.D.
You have to have something in common to understand each other, and something different to love each other. Paul Geraldi
Most of all I want to come to you and lie down next to you. And to know that we have tomorrow. Matsuo Monroe
Dying for love is not hard. It is hard to find a love worth dying for. Frederic Beigbeder
Your naked body should belong to someone who will love your naked soul. Charlie Chaplin
I am not writing to ask you to come, I am writing to warn you: I will always be waiting. Frederic Beigbeder
Quotes about love and life

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