How to know if your phone is tapped

How to Know If Your Phone is Tapped

The reasons for such an action can be different: industrial espionage, suspicion of infidelity of a spouse and even surveillance by special services. In the latter case, wiretapping is allowed only after a court order and only if it helps the investigation.

Nowadays, wiretapping of cell phones without access to the phone is mostly done with spyware or with special equipment. If you are using a landline phone, you can connect a wiretapping device to it without much trouble. Also, you can’t rule out the possibility that a person with access to your smartphone could turn on the forwarding.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that not only help you know you’re under scrutiny, but also help prevent intruders from obtaining sensitive information.

How to check your phone for wiretaps using a combination or code

One of the methods available to any smartphone user to detect wiretapping is the use of special codes. It is worth noting that this method can detect a violation of your rights only in the case of forwarding information to another phone number.

The list of commands allowing to find out about phone tapping:

  • Entering the combination *#21# helps you find out whether your personal device has enabled call and text forwarding to another phone number. Works on both Android and iPhone devices.
  • Using the code *#62# you can find out what number the information is forwarded to.
  • If you have an iPhone, the combination *#67# will help to check the number for forwarding.
  • The code *#33# will help you to find out if SMS and MMS functions are blocked, as well as if phone numbers are blacklisted. In addition, this combination allows you to cancel the changes made.
Signs of phone tapping

Signs of phone tapping

So, as we found out above, that certain combinations of numbers to check phone tapping help to reveal premeditated forwarding of other numbers. However, this method is not suitable if the intruders decided to wiretap you by another method. For example, they used special equipment or installed spyware. But do not despair. Even in this case, it is possible to detect a wiretap. If you will be very attentive and watch your personal device for some time, you will be able to find out if your phone is bugged or not by indirect signs.

Signs of phone tapping are as follows:

  • When you install a spyware program, you begin to notice a rapid waste of battery power. This is especially noticeable if your device is less than a year old. On older devices, the energy drain is less noticeable.
  • If you’ve had your smartphone at rest for a while, but battery heating is occurring. This is an indirect sign that you have spyware installed on your device.
  • Also the presence of unscrupulous software on the device may indicate improper operation of the screen. That is, it will not turn off immediately, but with a significant delay.
  • If your phone turns on or turns off on its own, but you are sure about the installed programs, you should also suspect spyware.
  • Another easy way to check your phone for bugging is to place a locked phone near a TV or speakers. If you hear the sounds of interference, but no one is calling or writing you at that moment, then your phone is bugged.
  • A similar, but more “exotic” way to suspect wiretapping is to use a Geiger counter. The crackling of the device will mean that your phone is transmitting or receiving an unidentified signal.
  • If your phone supports two SIM cards, you should be alarmed by the appearance of an unknown network operator.
  • Cell phone tapping can also be suspected during a phone call – you will hear uncharacteristic echoes or crackling in the speaker of your personal device.

How to remove wiretapping from your phone or wiretap protection

Regardless of whether you are sure of bugging your phone, only suspect this fact or assume that it can happen in the future – in most cases you can protect yourself and even remove bugging. Following the expert recommendations given below you will be able to get rid of the intruders.

1) The easiest way to fight illegal eavesdropping will be in the case of enabled forwarding. Above we have acquainted you with how you can check if your phone is tapped with combinations. The same method is suitable for deactivating call forwarding. To do this, dial the combination ##002# on your phone.

2) You can also contact your network operator if you suspect that you are being overheard. With the help of their equipment, the service company is likely to help you establish the fact

3) The next method to detect and disable eavesdropping is by installing special software. Programs such as EAGLE Security FREE, Darshak, Android IMSI-Catcher Detector or CatcherCatcher will not only help to detect the illegal use of smartphone equipment, hidden text messages sent without your knowledge, but will even prevent you from connecting to fake base stations. We would like to point out that this method is only available for modern smart devices and cannot be used on outdated phones.

If you notice that your device is illegally bugged by unscrupulous persons – the main thing is not to panic. First of all, analyze your surroundings. Especially pay attention to the people close to you. But in case you have evidence of spying activities of unknown persons – definitely contact the police.

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