How to Choose Steroids for Gaining Muscle Mass

How to Choose Steroids for Gaining Muscle Mass

Steroids are the basis of sports pharmaceuticals because only with them, you can achieve impressive results and build muscle mass, which will be admired not only by girls but also by the judges of sports competitions. Moreover, steroids can significantly accelerate the transformation of an ordinary body into an athletic one, because in addition to the main task of developing muscles, they also contribute to:

  • Strengthening endurance;
  • Reducing the amount of adipose tissue;
  • Improving the relief.

There are also peculiarities in the choice of AS’s. Let’s take a look at which steroids to choose. We present to you our ranking of anabolic steroids for muscle growth.

What Anabolic Steroids to Choose for Muscle Mass Growing

  • Testosterone is the basis of all anabolic steroids and the basis of all popular courses. To gain muscle mass, a course of Testosterone Enanthate or a course of Testosterone Cypionate is traditionally used. This steroid is converted to estrogens, so it should be used with extreme caution, as there are cases of decreased secretion of sex hormones and testicular atrophy. To avoid these side effects, Gonadotropin (HCG) is used.
  • Methandrostenolone (Methane, Danabol) – takes an honorable second place in the ranking of the best anabolic steroids. There is an opinion that this drug has many disadvantages and causes severe harm to the body. But the practice has shown that the correct preparation of the Danabol course effectively improves the set of muscles and has several times less androgenic effect, in contrast to Testosterone. The only drawback is a pronounced rollback, but it is quite possible to smooth it out with the help of the antiestrogen Anastrozole.
  • Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone, Retabolil) is one of the leading anabolic steroids in terms of its parameters. Banned in many countries! It is widely used for mass gain, since it has no aromatization, is non-toxic, has low androgenic activity, and has high efficiency. It is often combined with other steroids and is also used as a solo course.

  • Turinabol is an anabolic steroid, in many ways similar to Testosterone. In the process of gaining muscle mass, it exhibits fewer side effects such as gynecomastia and swelling. In case of an overdose, the drug is toxic to the liver, therefore, the course of Turinabol is often combined with Testosterone Enanthate and supplemented with antiestrogenic agents.
  • Oxymetholone is a powerful drug with a unique, incomparable ability to rapidly build muscle and strength. But in parallel with this, an incorrectly compiled course of Oxymetholone has pronounced side reactions: disruption of the liver, hormonal levels, an increase in the walls of the heart muscle and other manifestations that can be even more pronounced in case of overdose or irregularities in the cycle. In combination with an antiestrogen, the drug works many times more effectively.
  • Sustanon is a unique pharmacological agent that consists of several separate testosterone esters. It is recognized by many athletes as it does not require frequent injections due to the different duration of action of each ester. It is not recommended to abuse the doses and to correctly compose the Sustanon course, supplementing with anti-estrogen drugs.
  • Trenbolone is an anabolic agent that is four times more effective than Deca-Durabolin, due to its special effect on the level of insulin-like growth factor, which affects anabolic activity and directly on mass gain. The price of Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone Acetate is fully consistent with the quality of the drug, therefore it is in constant demand.
  • Boldenone (Equipoise) is a potent pharmacological drug that activates the processes of protein synthesis, resulting in weight gain. The advantage of the Boldenone course is a lower conversion to estrogen and a low rollback phenomenon.

All of the above anabolic steroids are recognized by athletes around the world as the most effective and safe drugs