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Happy Birthday Woman – Beautiful Wishes for Her

We have prepared beautiful greetings for a woman, girl, friend, or loved one on her birthday. 
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💖 Happy birthday sweet lady
☝🏻 Wise birthday greetings to a woman in your own words 
💄 Happy birthday to a woman on the anniversary
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💃🏻 Happy birthday to a young woman
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✏️ Short happy birthday greetings to a woman

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you incredible joy, amazing success, inspiration, sincere smiles, faithful friends, wonderful loved ones! And also - good days, good news, great strength of spirit, pleasant events and inexhaustible optimism!

We are unable to stop the years. Let it be so: the more years, the more happiness!

I wish you good health and good mood, all the benefits and pleasures of life, well-being and home comfort, love and human happiness!

Dear, congratulations on your holiday! Today is your day and all the best wishes for you today! I want to stay as beautiful, feminine, beautiful and cute! I want to drown in love, respect and admiration. Good health, patience, strength! Be really happy!

Happy Birthday! The warmest and most tender greetings on this special day! Wishes of goodness, happiness and harmony in everything. May health, good luck, prosperity and family well-being accompany you on the path of life. Smile to you!

Happy Birthday! Let the sky be blue, spring in the soul, a light breeze in the head, a bag from Gucci on the shoulders, shoes from Labuten on the feet, earrings with diamonds in the ears, flowers in the hands, and pants full of female happiness. And also, let the one who will bring it all to you at your feet be near you!
Short happy birthday greetings to a woman

💖 Happy birthday to a wonderful woman

Happy Birthday! I wish your life to be full, with pleasant troubles, brilliant ideas and brilliant victories! May the source of goodness never run out in your soul! Go through life boldly and directly! May your friends and relatives be there in difficult moments, may those with whom you want to share joy always be near! Good health to you and interesting and long years of life, joy and laughter, respect of others and love of relatives! Let everything turn out as planned! Happy holiday! I wish you happiness!

I wish many real impressions and pleasures to a real, wise and insightful woman on her birthday. Let your wisdom and feminine intuition be multifaceted and sharp, like a handful of oriental spices, let the events in life be bright and rich, like the aroma of oriental cuisine, and let your wisdom be incomprehensible like the mysterious books of oriental sages. Let your life be rich and exotic, like the aroma of oriental incense and herbs, and love mysterious and misty, like the smoke of a hookah or fireplace in oriental style, let your charm be as sweet as the aroma of oriental perfumes created for the richest and most royal and the admiration of men innumerable, like beads in oriental ornaments.

Congratulations on the birthday of the most beautiful, desirable, kind, carefree, appetizing girl! Your beauty conquers the hearts of men, your mind compels respect, your wisdom captivates, and the power of the spirit evokes respect! You are a rare diamond, so I wish you to find your exclusive facet and unite in harmony, love, so that another (and maybe more) beautiful diamond appeared on the planet!
Wise birthday greetings to a woman in your own words

☝🏻 Wise birthday greetings lady in your own words

You are wise and prudent! The ideal of femininity and charm! A real woman who can achieve anything! Let your birthday be another reason to smile, let your dreams come true, and everything will turn out as you plan - and even better!

💄 Happy birthday lady for the anniversary

Congratulations on the anniversary, we wish never to be upset, not to pay attention to small mistakes of relatives, to appreciate happy moments of life, to always remain the same slender and beautiful woman.

We congratulate an amazing, incomparable, charming, charismatic woman on her Jubilee! You have been selflessly giving us your tenderness, care and kindness for so many years! Thank you for that! Stay the same pure soul and beautiful in appearance for many years to come!

I wish you to always remain the same beautiful, cheerful, energetic and full of energy! May your life be full of admiration, compliments and bouquets of flowers. After all, a woman like you deserves all the best. Happy anniversary! And let the years add only health, beauty and wisdom!

May beauty, luck, charm, success and greatness always accompany you! May they help you realize what has long been a dream come true. It's time to live to your heart's content and do only what you want, not what you need. Happy anniversary!

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Happy birthday wishes
Happy birthday for man

I want to bathe in the luxury of my golden jubilee throughout my long, happy life in full health, full of strength and vigor! May the gentle breeze of hope and novelty never stop its accompanying movement!

Happy anniversary! I sincerely wish that your lucky star will wag her tail today and realize all your dreams, desires and hopes, as well as make all illnesses, problems and troubles evaporate.

🌈 Creative happy birthday greeting to a woman

I wish you a thousand elegant compliments, a hundred favorite flowers, dozens of desired gifts and a unit of loved ones nearby! Let every event in life find a successful result!

I congratulate a beautiful, tender, affectionate, beautiful, just incredible woman on her birthday today. I want to be cheerful, cheerful, glow with happiness. Let every day give a lot of unforgettable moments, surrounded only by nice people and all cherished desires come true.

As you know, all toasts always say standing and usually drink for something good, bright and beautiful. And I offer to drink for black! Let our birthday girl wear a black suit and go with a black diplomat. Let her drive a black Mercedes and rest on the Black Sea. Let him drink his black coffee with pleasure, snacking on its black caviar ... Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! Let your eyes sparkle with joy, your heart be filled with love, and your bank card with cash to fulfill your wishes!

💃🏻 Happy birthday to a young woman

I wish the dear birthday girl a good mood, fragrances of favorite flowers, cheerful smiles and happiness! May your days be filled with beauty, warmth, positivity and attention of loved ones. I wish you the most beautiful thing in life - you! Dear our birthday girl!

✒️ Happy birthday woman prose

It was on this day that the world became more beautiful - because he became richer by one wonderful person! On your birthday, I wish that every day there was at least one reason to smile and no reason for a bad mood, that your eyes always shone with sparks of happiness, and your heart was always filled with love!

Dear birthday girl, congratulations on your birthday! I wish you a bright, real and bright future. May your life be full of light, music, poetry and romance. May all that is good in this world come to you and double, and may all that is bad go away forever. May style, beauty and harmony be your eternal companions, along with happiness and love. Happy Birthday!

Today you are like a beautiful spring, wrapped in sunlight, delicate aroma of flowers, joy, tenderness and charm. Let your life be filled only with bright colors, happy events, bright prospects and dizzying love. Happy Birthday! Happy holiday of new aspirations and successful beginnings!

Birthday is a wonderful holiday, bright and beautiful! I greet you from the bottom of my heart and wish you a happy birthday to open the next happy stage of your life! I wish you well-being and love, luck and prosperity! Always keep warm in your heart and boldly fulfill your dreams! You are the queen of your destiny, the happy ruler of your own homely beautiful kingdom!

🎀 Beautiful birthday wishes for women

Women are beautiful, fragile creatures, but in their hands is concentrated a great power that can conquer men's hearts and change the world! And today I want to congratulate you and wish you to always remain unique and feminine, to know neither fatigue nor sadness, and to make the world a little more perfect every day, and your loved ones - happier!

Let each new day be similar to the previous one in only one - it will be just as happy! Joy, good luck, inspiration!

🎁 Greetings for a loved one

I sincerely congratulate the most beautiful, sweet, charming, just gorgeous girl on her birthday. You are the queen today. This is your holiday. And let this day be the most special and the best. May fate smile on you and give you many happy moments and brilliant meetings.

Unfortunately, I can't get the stars from the heavens, 
But on your holiday I firmly promise
to give you Care and love.
Be happy always, I love you!

📆 Happy birthday pictures for women

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