Happy birthday wishes in prose

Happy Birthday Wishes in Prose – Sincere and Heart Touching Congratulations to Anyone

We have prepared beautiful and varied birthday greetings in your own words, choose the birthday greetings in prose and postcard that you like best and greet the person dear to you.

💌 Happy birthday in prose

 In honor of the birthday I wish comfort in the house, warmth in the heart, brilliant ideas in the head, joy in the eyes, and smiles on the lips! 
 In honor of your birthday, I am sending you a vanilla kiss with raisins of longing for you, with pieces of hope, a glaze of joy and a filling of sincerity.
 Today is a special day for you, with which I sincerely congratulate you, wishing that every day of life was generous with unforgettable impressions, and the heart would never know the pain of loneliness, if only love and joy reigned in it!
 Good luck, happiness, ideas, resilience, success and joy!
 Let this special day become an unforgettable holiday, let luck accompany you throughout your life, and only things on the love front will be stormy!
 Let things go well, let relatives be attentive, let the weekend be meaningful! Happy B-Day!
On this special day, I greet you and wish you inspiration for new things and energy to bring them to life. Good luck in everything you do!
 In honor of the birthday I wish you inspiring and colorful moments in life, great success, many amazing surprises and loyal friends who will always support and will rejoice in your luck!

💭 Beautiful birthday greetings in your own words

May the sky above your head always be cloudless, and dreams come true every moment and come to life, may only sincere love accompany you through life, and may you be surrounded only by friendly people. Happy Birthday! Be happy.
 Let the heart be filled with happiness, let every moment of life bring only joy, let wishes come true and dreams come true, let a wide smile never leave your face, let every day bring the joy of love, and let your life be one continuous pleasure!
 Congratulations on your birthday and I wish that life will generously measure your happiness, good health, faithful friends and good mood. May your eyes always shine with joy, and your heart tremble with love!

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 Congratulations on your birthday and I sincerely wish that the new year of life was memorable, unique and full of endless possibilities, and let the memories that this year will give, please the heart in many, many years!
May all your hopes and dreams come true, may your every day be illuminated with a happy smile. Happy Birthday!
 I wish you happiness, love, sunny smiles, bright emotions and good mood! Happy Birthday!
We wish you good health, more gifts and to celebrate this holiday well! Happiness in life, laughter in the heart, smiles on your lips ...   
  In honor of my birthday, I wish you great happiness, like the earth, and bright as the sun, and that it will be enough not only for one holiday, but also for your whole life!   
Congratulations on the most wonderful holiday - birthday! I wish you a lot of happiness! You will not turn back the clock, you will not stop the year for a moment ... Be glad every moment that you will receive twice as much from fate! Be modest, but do not be humiliated, be brave, but do not be feverish, be brave but not stubborn, be friendly, but without deception! Happy Birthday!
 Congratulations on the day of jam, I wish you happiness, joy, love, fulfillment of dreams and everything your heart desires!

✏️ Short birthday greetings in prose

 We wish you stability, health, love of loved ones. Let life be endless, wide, like a river without banks ...
 I want to wish you a happy birthday and joy!
You are as old as you feel! And wrinkles are just a trace left on the face with smiles! Happy Birthday!
 When you came into this world, another star lit up in the sky ... I want it to shine as brightly as possible and for as long as possible!
 Celebrate your birthday with a lot of fun, and let it not rain for you, but a shower of flowers!
  I wish the fulfillment of all your aspirations and dreams!
I want to swim in the stormy sea to understand how happy it is to feel a safe land on the shore. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! Happy Birthday!
I celebrate this day with you! And I send festive sunny bunnies!
 Let the flowers of youth adorn your way, and good friends and hearts rejoice!

🎈 Happy birthday wishes in your own words

 Congratulations on your birthday and I wish you everything your soul desires, what you dream of and what you aspire to!
Health and strength to you to achieve everything that your heart desires. And peace to the heart. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
 Today is your birthday, and on such a day everything belongs only to YOU!
 Take all the most beautiful things from life, never forget about dreams, joy, love ...
 I want you to live a hundred years and enjoy life, to know neither sorrow nor trouble, to smile more often.
 I wish you health and happiness among your family and friends! Happy Birthday!
Good luck at work, in everyday life and family, so that everything was successful everywhere! Happy Birthday!

💛 Birthday card

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