Happy birthday for man

Happy Birthday for Man – Creative Wishes for Him

To your attention sincere and bright congratulations on the man’s birthday. Choose a birthday greeting for the man or man you like best and greet the person dear to you.

Happy birthday to the man in your own words

Happy birthday to you! I want to wish you happiness, joy, easy profit and strength of spirit on this wonderful day. Let all your brilliant ideas come to life as soon as possible. Health to you strong, fruitful work and always excellent rest.
Happy birthday! I want you to love and be loved, to get high from every day and have the same place where you want to return. Let the candles on the holiday cake be lit for many decades to come, and secret dreams come true instantly!
What can you wish a man? On such a beautiful birthday, I want to wish you to be strong as flint, healthy and strong, let the energy beat like a stream, and sadness and grief never meet on your way. Let the most beautiful people surround you, and there will always be a favorite woman nearby.
Bright life, positive emotions, many, many reasons for joy and good mood. May you always be surrounded by loving people. I want to wish you to be courageous, kind, brave and happy, healthy and fair. Be happy!
Congratulations on your birthday and I want to wish you never to lose your masculine charm and courageous strength, purposefulness of soul and courage of heart. May each of your "todays" be filled with joy and inspiration. Let each "tomorrow" prepare prospects and success.

Funny birthday wishes for men

On this day, your eyes saw the world, and the priest realized that she was waiting for incredible adventures. Happy birthday to you! I wish you an eternal thrill from life, love and passion without a face, fewer problems and more pennies!
I wish you health, success and prosperity!
And money to stick on the palms and heels!
I wish good luck and loyal friends
Great happiness and sunny days!
I wish you everything in life 
…… Both EXPECTED pleasures
When we drink, we want to sleep.
When we sleep, we do not sin.
When we do not sin, we go to heaven.
So let's drink today for the fact that together with the birthday boy we got to heaven !!!
More happiness, more money
A sweet life without hysterics
In a winter jacket so that a stash -
Not one money, but a pack!
Rest only abroad
In the Maldives or Nice
And crazy friends
To mow more fun!

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Short birthday wishes to a male friend

Happy birthday. I wish in my life strong hugs and sweet kisses, problems as small as insects and strong nerves as pistachios, a tender field of the soul in daisies and the complete absence of poop people.
I wish you incredible joy, amazing success, magical inspiration, sincere smiles, sincere friends! And also - good days, good news, great strength of spirit, pleasant events and inexhaustible optimism!
I sincerely congratulate you! I want to always be in the right place and at the right time, I want to be alone with my thoughts when you need it, I want to live every moment of my happy life successfully, happily and brightly.
Happy Birthday! Let destiny help to put everything in its place, let life always please with new opportunities and good luck. I wish you good health and strong friendship, mutual love and mutual sympathy, great success and great happiness.
Happy birthday! I wish you a hundred reasons for happiness, a thousand reasons for fun and a million opportunities for a carefree life. Stay always and everywhere by yourself. Be free in thoughts, actions and feelings. Live with your soul, dream with your heart, smile at your thoughts. Let life be a beautiful song. I cherish our friendship!

Happy birthday to male colleague

May there always be prosperity in life, work and family, and behind strong shoulders will always be love and stability. Achievements, joy and kindness, warmth and smiles, fearlessness, confidence, incomparable impressions, strength and faith in yourself and tomorrow!
Happy Birthday! I wish every day was like a holiday. Happy days, happy moments and good luck. I wish you bright victories, success in work and family well-being!
Happy birthday! I want to be a winner in everything, never be sad, love life, do good, cheerful and confidently go to their goals and results, always stay cheerful and sincere, have a great mood, look at the world with inspiration and humor. Great happiness, good health, incredible adventures and financial heights!
Happy Birthday. From the bottom of my heart I wish endurance and strength of will, good health and support of loved ones, self-confidence and prosperity in the house. I always want to remain a brave and courageous man who has everything on his shoulders, who is not afraid of any obstacles, who always gets the best in life.
Happy birthday. I wish that strength and endurance do not decrease, that desires and dreams do not disappear. That not only birthday, but also every following day brought pleasure from life, inspiration to achievements and desire to live, love, create.
Happy Birthday! I wish you to always be cheerful, positive, healthy, strong, courageous, happy and loved on this day. That you are surrounded by people who love you.
Happy Birthday! I wish you a stable income, peace in the family, harmony in the soul and, most importantly, health. Needless to say, it never happens. That you were always happy because you already have, but at the same time never stopped setting big life goals. May the feeling of love always warm you in your bosom, and your beloved will be a reliable support in life. Look at the world with a fresh look, develop, enjoy life, be happy and healthy!
Happy birthday! Be a healthy, strong, successful person. We wish you well-being, love, happiness, luck, good mood. May you always be surrounded by loyal friends, respected by colleagues at work, and cherished and cared for by relatives at home.
Happy birthday! Let all dreams come true and goals are achieved, success accompanies your entire life path. May health never fail, and the many smiles of children, loved ones and relatives warm your world every day and make you move forward!

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