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Friend Birthday Wishes

A friend’s birthday is a holiday that happens only once a year. Therefore, on this day you should not only make your birthday happy, but also that your friend’s greeting will be remembered for many years.

That’s why Insiderius has prepared for you the original birthday greetings and messages for a friend in prose, in your own words and in pictures.

Dear friend, happy holidays to you! I wish that all the greetings that were addressed to you today will come true. If anything - I will help you realize all your dreams. Know that you can rely on me in any situation. I'm always there, congratulations!

Our friendship is the friendship of two real men who will always support each other in any situation. I'm proud to be a friend of someone like you. On this significant day for us - your birthday, I want to congratulate you on this holiday and wish you happiness, health, success in all your endeavors. Happy birthday, friend!

Peace of mind, health in the body, love in the heart, money in pockets and bank accounts, well-being in the family, harmony in the home, success in business, positivity in every day, decent and reliable people around, purity of thought, peaceful sky overhead and homeland underfoot. Good luck to you, my friend!

My dear, Name ! On your birthday, I wish you to be rich. Rich in soul and heart, rich in mind and achievements, rich in health and beauty, rich in loved ones and family comfort, rich in victories and God's grace. Well, and of course, rich financially, to be able to realize all the richness of their plans, ideas and dreams!
The happiness of every man is in those who are close to him and who are dear to him - in parents, wife, children, relatives and friends. He lives, works, fights and wins for them. Therefore, I wish you, my friend, that those whom you love and for whom you live, appreciate everything you do for them. To be surrounded by love and comfort, to understand you and share your views, to support you in all endeavors and to always be the quiet haven to which you want to return. Happy Birthday!

Greetings from a friend

I greet not just a friend, but a person very close and dear to me, on whose strong shoulder I can always safely count. I am very grateful to fate that she gave me such a faithful friend and just a wonderful guy. I wish you great good in life, that you have enough health and strength to earn, find and achieve all the benefits that will make you happy. And most importantly, let there always be true love in your life, which will warm your soul and stimulate you to take further steps towards your happiness. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I wish you boundless happiness and good health. May each day be filled with goodness and happiness. Smile, it suits you very well. This!
Congratulations on your birthday and I want to receive from life only the positive, and let all evil pass you by. Travel, achieve your goals and make all your dreams come true! You will succeed, I know!

Congratulations on the birthday of a friend’s boyfriend or husband

Congratulations on your birthday… Oh, that is, happy birthday. Don't let the bones break, don't let the sand fall from you, don't let your teeth hurt from the delicious cake, and let all the candles on it be blown away on the first try!

Congratulations on your birthday, Name . Good luck to you always and everywhere. Let life have a sweet taste of happiness. Let each of your days begin successfully and end successfully. Let true love and strong friendship inspire you to something wonderful and unusual.

I wish you only one thing, but the main thing: be happy. This concept includes everything you need in life. Do not regret anything and always look forward with optimism and a smile. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday in Ukrainian

Funny birthbay wishes

Dear friend, congratulations on your day! May you always combine a true philosopher, a versatile figure, a talented humorist, a successful athlete, a man-hero, a man-mystery and the soul of the company!

You can't visit all corners of the earth, you can't earn all the money, you can't taste all the dishes, you can't love all the women… So I wish you, my friend, to visit only the best places, to have as much money as you need, to taste only the tastiest dishes and to be next to you - the most divine of women! Happy Birthday!

I wish you, my friend, to fulfill your masculine mission: to give birth to a son, and in addition - a daughter, and if you wish - to repeat this process more than once! Build a house for your own family, then - for your son, and for your daughter, and for all the children that fate endows you with! And to furnish, and to equip, and to decorate, and to equip. Plant a tree, and the second and third, to grow a rich garden! And that there was enough health and money for everything! And may the Lord give a long and happy life to enjoy your masculine achievements!
I want to wish my wonderful friend more positive, energy, optimism and cheerfulness on his birthday. Let your life be sweet as chocolate, your pockets will be full of money, and success and luck will not leave you for a second. Bright days of life to you, well-being and prosperity.

Happy birthday to a friend in your own words

Happy birthday dear friend! I want to wish you happiness, joy, easy profit and strength of spirit on this wonderful day. Let all your brilliant ideas come to life as soon as possible. Health to you strong, fruitful work and always excellent rest.

I want to travel by expensive cars, relax in luxury foreign resorts, live luxuriously, enjoy every day. Let happiness in life be simply immeasurable, and health never fails. Fulfillment of all secret desires and achievement of cherished goals. Happy birthday, friend!

Happy birthday, friend! I wish you confidence, health, strength, vigor, high hopes, courage and optimism. May all be well, may this day fulfill all your whims, may this year bring even more happiness, character, love and success!

More sun for you! Love! Happiness! Warmth and joy! Let it be banal, but very important! Thank you for having me!

Happy birthday! May happiness and luck come to you from all corners!