Everest trash to be turned into an art object
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Everest trash to be turned into an art object


The government of Nepal has decided to introduce an initiative to collect the solid trash that has accumulated in the area around the summit of Mount Everest. Not for nothing, but to transform this garbage into art objects.

A group of local environmentalists will sort and collect the solid trash and then plan to give it to artists. They will use the collected trash in their work. Later, the art objects will be assembled into an exhibition and presented to the public.

We want to show how we can turn solid waste into precious art objects … We hope to change the way people think about garbage and start managing the process of creating it,” said project director Tommy Gustafsson.

The initiative and the project want to introduce in order to control the process of pollution of the mountain area. Thus, among the most frequent garbage on Everest are used oxygen cylinders, tents, ropes and plastic, which remain on the mountain for many years.

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