Dutch girl creates gender-neutral deck of cards
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Dutch girl creates gender-neutral deck of cards


Indy Mellink, a graduate in forensic psychology from the Netherlands, has developed a deck of gender-neutral cards. The cards are different in that they do not depict the traditional jacks, kings, or ladies.

Instead of the usual characters, the deck features gold, silver and bronze symbols. Indy Mellink says she made these cards to show how “subtle inequalities affect people in everyday life, and her cards are another way of saying you’re just as important/important.”

The first batch of 50 card decks was sold out by the girl’s friends and family. Later, the girl created another 1,500 decks of cards, which are now sold throughout Germany, the U.S., Belgium and France.

It’s good that we reason about gender neutrality … It’s good that someone their age (Indy Mellink is 23) noticed it. This is the new generation,” says Berit van Dobbenburg, head of the Dutch bridge association.

Indy tested her deck of gender-neutral cards with experienced players. They told us that they had never realized the gender implication in conventional card decks.

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