"Amelie" and 5 more very beautiful films that will take you to France
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Amelie and 5 very beautiful films that will take you to France

Amelie (2001)

A charming film that 20 years ago brought worldwide fame to Audrey Taut. Her heroine, the romantic dreamer Amelie Poulin, sees her main goal as helping other people. In a magical way, her every action makes those around her happier, and in the end helps to find love for herself. The touching Amelie is perfectly complemented by the image of France, which is literally imbued with this film. Narrow cobbled streets, balconies lined with flowers, costumes of heroes, music – all this leaves a special French aftertaste.

“Before Sunset” (2004)

“Before Sunset” is the second part of Richard Linklater’s amazing trilogy about American Jesse and Frenchwoman Celine, who once met by chance on the train, got off it and spent the whole day together. In the second part, the heroes meet after 9 years. Celine lives in Paris, where Jesse comes to the presentation of her book. The heroes have a day to plunge into the memories of the feelings that arose between them 9 years ago in Vienna. Celine and Jesse walk around Paris, ride along the Seine with Notre Dame in the background. By the way, a frame with a quote from this particular film was spread during a fire in Notre Dame in 2019. Celine tells Jesse, “But you have to think about the fact that one day Notre Dame will be gone.” It seems that we also follow the main characters through the sun-drenched Paris, witnessing the sometimes very difficult dialogue between two lovers.

“Return to Burgundy” (2016)

In Cédric Klapisch’s film Return to Burgundy, the life of the protagonists is closely connected with the vineyards. The death of his father, a winemaker, forces his three children – Jean, Juliet and Jeremy – to return home to Burgundy. They will have to take care of the vineyard and wine production on themselves, at the same time reconsidering their attitude towards family ties. Dances, songs, emotional arguments and genuine happiness against the backdrop of picturesque French landscapes. The director managed to fill the picture with love for his country, its culture and the French themselves with their everyday problems, experiences and joys.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

The very title of Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris promises us a journey through the city of love. The film tells about the Hollywood screenwriter Gil, who arrives in the French capital with his fiancée Ines. She is carried away by new acquaintances, while the main character is busy with dreams of Paris in the 1920s. Miraculously, he manages to be at a party of those years where he communicates with Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dali, Gertrude Stein herself promises to read Gil’s novel, an American writer living in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. Every night, the protagonist goes back in time, and in the morning he returns to the present, in which he still dreams, walks along the Parisian streets and one day meets a girl who, like Gil, loves art, music and the atmosphere of the past.

Good Year (2006)

Another touching film about French vineyards inherited by the main characters. If in “Return to Burgundy” the heirs realized the value of the family, then in the film “Good Year” the main character Max realized that his everyday routine and successful career in London cannot be compared with the joy of life in quiet and picturesque Provence. Max arrives at the La Siroc estate with the intention of selling it, but falls in love with Fanny’s girl, gets imbued with the spirit of Provence and the intricacies of winemaking and realizes what really makes him happy.

“Just Together” (2007)

Claude Berry’s life-affirming melodrama leaves no heavy feelings behind. Is that bright sadness and thoughts about the value of life. Young Frenchwoman Camilla moves to the apartment of her neighbor Philibert, where she feels friendly warmth and care. She will have to live with the biker chef Frank, for whom Camilla develops a strong affection. Young people quarrel and reconcile, romantic feelings, it seems, do not interfere with their life together. Then Frank’s grandmother joins them, and the general life is finally getting better. Keeping “just together” the heroes create their own world, in which caring for each other takes an important place. However, this cocoon does not protect against all external problems. “Just Together” is a film about the impossible French lightness in relation to life, about the ability to enjoy simple things and not blame yourself for the feelings and emotions you experience.