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50 interesting facts about human psychology

50 interesting facts about human psychology

What psychological facts about people are little known?

The modern world is literally full of thematic literature on self-knowledge, and online publications publish daily excerpts from scientific articles by experts: psychology is increasingly becoming the subject of our interest. After all, each of us wants to be in harmony with his own “I”, to make the most of the mind and build harmonious relationships with friends and family. We have prepared for you 50 interesting facts that will help you understand yourself and better understand the people around you.

1.  The smarter a person is, the more often he is unsure of his own beliefs.

2.   If after communicating with a particular person you feel negative emotions and feel an unpleasant residue – you were dealing with a toxic person.

3. A  signature can tell a lot about a person. For example, the larger your signature, the higher your self-esteem.

4.  When the company bursts into laughter, everyone looks at who they like best.

5.  Addressing people by their name, you have more of them at your disposal and increase the degree of trust in your own person.

6.  80% of people meet their future spouse at the age of 16.

7.    Most of us suffer from phantom vibration syndrome: it seems that the mobile phone vibrates when the device does not actually reproduce any sound.

8. A  person needs only 4 minutes to fall in love.

interesting facts about human psychology

9.   According to the law of polarity, opposites are attracted: we are inevitably attracted to people with opposite qualities.

10.  The wiser a person is, the less often he gives advice. (Be wary of people who give you too many unsolicited recommendations.)

11.  Our hearts have nothing to do with the feeling of “love”, it’s just a chemical reaction that takes place in the brain.

12.  To find your true calling, you must act. Follow your convictions and they will lead you to the goal.

13.  Our brain has a negative tendency and tends to remember bad memories more than pleasant ones.

14.    If you focus on problems – there will be more problems. When you focus on opportunities, there will be more opportunities.

15.  You make an unforgettable first impression for 5 seconds on the following points: how you look, how you say and what you say.

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16.   A good way to focus and concentrate is to mentally talk to yourself while completing the task.  

17.   People who regularly help others are much happier and less likely to become depressed as they grow older.

18.  People who walk fast are usually more confident and happy than those who walk at a slow pace.

19.  A woman will only argue with who she really cares about. Less controversy – less interest.

20.  Energetic music stimulates brain waves, which improve concentration even after you stop listening to it.

21.  Dog owners laugh more often than cat owners and people who do not have pets.

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22.  If you expect something in return for your noble deeds, you are far from a good person.

23.  People who tend to soar in the clouds are usually better able to cope with complex problems.

24.  We are subconsciously more attracted to people who have the same musical taste.

25.  You are more likely to achieve goals if you keep them with you.

26.  Lying requires more mental effort than truth. When we tell a lie, we involuntarily wonder if it will correspond to our common “legend,” and we worry about the impact of even the slightest lie on our lives, relationships, and authority. Honesty has almost no negative consequences.

27.  Watching a dramatic film makes people think more deeply: research at Ohio State University has shown that watching a movie tragedy makes people take their lives and relationships more seriously.

28.  People who think they are being watched tend to behave better: the presence of “others” usually encourages us to do the “right” things to gain “social” recognition and approval. 

29.   Waking up on the wrong side of the bed affects our sense of happiness. A study conducted in 2011 showed that those who sleep on the left side (if standing at the foot of the bed) are happier than those who sleep on the right.

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30.  Placebo can have the same effect as real procedures. Recent studies have shown that the placebo effect can lead to real biological changes, and this fact can turn the world of medicine upside down.

31.  People only need one thing to be happy – to focus on what they have at the moment, not to worry about what they do not have or may never have.

32.  Often the best way to attract someone is to stop paying attention to them.

33.  Never worry about someone not loving you the way you are. Because there will always be someone who will love you for the same reason.

34.  Often people do not listen to understand – they are waiting for their turn to speak.

35.   People with low self-esteem tend to humiliate others.

36.   Those who play video games are much more likely to have clear dreams.

37.   Mental activity also burns calories.

38.  Death is the second thing that people are most afraid of. And the first is the fear of failure.

39.  Chocolate and shopping can be more addictive than drugs.

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40.  Women with higher IQ find it harder to find a partner.

41.   People look more attractive when they talk about things that really interest them.

42.  The average time that women can keep a secret is 48 hours.

43.  When someone cries with happiness, the first tear falls from the right eye. Tears of pain usually begin to flow from the left.

44.   In 95% of cases, when people say they want to ask questions, you are scrolling in your head all the bad things you have done recently.

45.  Smart people tend to underestimate themselves, while ignorant people think they are beautiful.

46.  Writing down negative things and throwing them in the trash is a psychological trick that can improve your mood.

47.  Once you accept your shortcomings, no one will be able to use them against you.

48.  When you stop communicating with unnecessary people, good things will start happening in your life, and it will not be a coincidence.

49.  People’s favorite topic is themselves. So if you want to please someone, talk about their persona.

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50. You can die from a broken heart. This is called broken heart syndrome.

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