25 best movies based on true events
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25 best movies based on true events

Crime films have always been popular , and the world willingly provides real materials for new scenarios. It is difficult to compose the stories that classics like Martin Scorsese ‘s Nicefellas are based on . Even more difficult to come up with a hell , like that , that unfolds in the film Greg McLean ” Wolf Creek”. So what happens in these films is not the imagination of the directors. We have collected for you the 25 best crime films in the history of cinema.

25. “American Scam”Alamy / Legion Media”American Scam”

The plot is based on a real anti-corruption operation codenamed ABSCAM, carried out by the FBI in the 70s of the last century. The painting, filled with unexpected twists and double transitions, elegantly conveys the atmosphere of the time with its pop songs and trendy dances.

24. “Catch Me If You Can”Alamy / Legion Media”Catch Me If You Can”It’s not Steven Spielberg’s greatest movie, but it is definitely one of the most entertaining. The tape follows the trail of Frank Abagnale, an expert in the field of documentary security, in the 1960s, who amazed the whole world with his daring scams. In the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio, the hero came out incredibly charming, and the actor himself was nominated for a Golden Globe.

23. “Zodiac”imago / Legion Media”Zodiac”Zodiac tells the story of an insane killer named Zodiac, who kept the people of San Francisco at bay for 25 years. The painstakingly scrutinized story of the investigation into Fincher’s impeccable direction becomes something more sinister than just a string of murders.

22. “Memories of a Murder”Alamy / Legion Media”Memories of a Murder”Before filming the world famous thrillers “Through the Snow” and “Okja”, South Korean director Bong Chung Ho created the crime film “Memories of a Murder.” The plot of the tape is based on the story of two detectives who jump over their heads in an attempt to unravel the identity of the sophisticated killer of two women. The picture is laced with black humor, which distinguishes Jun Ho from other directors.

21. The Wolf of Wall StreetAlamy / Legion Media”The wolf of Wall Street”Martin Scorsese, along with screenwriter Terence Winter, he brought to the screen the most sensational excerpts from the memoirs of Jordan Belfort, a broker convicted of manipulating the stock market and organizing trading in cheap stocks. Perhaps the director’s most riotous film proves that crimes can be told and fun, but at the same time do not forget to show the world of people steeped in luxury and debauchery and who consider other people’s money as their own.

20. “Casino”Alamy / Legion Media”Casino”

The spirit of this underrated Martin Scorsese film is reminiscent of Goodfellas, and the cast includes the legendary duo of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. The story is based on the book of the same name by Nicholas Pileggi and Larry Shandling. At the same time, the authors themselves wrote their work, inspired by an article in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper from 1980 about one of the scandals between Frank Rosenthal, a master of the sweepstakes game, and his wife Jeri McGee, a former stripper.

19. “Sam’s Bloody Summer”Alamy / Legion Media”Sam’s Bloody Summer”An atypical for Spike Lee, “Sam’s Bloody Summer” tells the story of the real serial killer David Berkowitz, nicknamed “The Son of Sam”. He operated in the Bronx in 1977 and kept the city in a panic while the police were knocked down.

18. “Sadist”Alamy / Legion Media”Sadist”
Sadist is a twisted and violent story of two South Florida schoolchildren, where one kills the other, unable to withstand the bullying. The script for the film is based on Jim Schatz’s book The Sadist: A True Story of High School Revenge, and Brad Renfro has masterfully embodied his character.

17. “Dog’s Afternoon”Alamy / Legion Media”Dog’s Afternoon”The plot of the film is based on a Life magazine article dated August 22, 1972. It was called Boys in the Bank and talked about the robbery of the Brooklyn Bank by Salvatore Natural and John Wojtowitz. The latter was played by the unsurpassed Al Pacino.

16. “French liaison”Alamy / Legion Media”French liaison”This story is one big scene when two New York detectives chase a French drug dealer. Gene Hackman’s acting and a sobering ending give weight to the picture.

15. “All the President’s Men”Alamy / Legion Media”All the President’s Men”The film is based on the documentary of the same name by The Washington Post journalists who investigated the Watergate scandal in 1973. The leading roles were played by the incomparable Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, and the picture was awarded four Oscars.

14. “Wolf pit”Alamy / Legion Media”Wolf pit”This is one of the best horror games of the 21st century, after which you hardly want to go to Australia. Three students arrive in this country to find a crater shrouded in mysticism, formed as a result of a meteorite fall, but in the end they themselves become part of a horrifying story. This crater actually exists and is called Wolf Creek. However, the main feature of the tape is its unshakable directness.

13. “John F. Kennedy. Shots fired in Dallas “Alamy / Legion Media”Shots in Dallas”The investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy is considered officially complete, but this historical drama by Oliver Stone presents the conspiracy theory in such a way that after watching it, you are left in the absolute confidence that everything was not so simple.

12. Anatomy of a MurderAlamy / Legion Media”Anatomy of a Murder”

James Stewart is impeccable in the way he balances the comic and the dramatic in Otto Preminger’s drama, based on the novel of a self-inspired lawyer. Few films with such realism and tension reflect the ambiguity of the legal system.

11. “In the spotlight”Alamy / Legion Media”In the spotlight”The film follows The Boston Globe’s investigation of sexual harassment in the Catholic Church that led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Lowe. The film won an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Screenplay.

10. “Untouchables”

One of Brian de Palma’s best films starred Kevin Costner as FBI agent Eliot Ness and Robert De Niro as the famous American gangster Al Capone. The film was created based on real events, and during its creation the director was inspired by the silent Soviet movie “Battleship Potemkin”.Alamy / Legion Media”Untouchables”

9. “F as fake”Capital Pictures / Legion Media”F is like a fake”Orson Welles’ last and greatest work is a mock-documentary about the complex dialectic of the true and the false in art. The director leads his own narrative and sometimes appears in the frame. This is his own funny and extremely intellectual postmodernism.

8. “Empire of the Senses”Alamy / Legion Media”Empire of the Senses”If you watch “Empire of the Senses” without knowing the background, you will be surprised what kind of psychopath wrote that. But the script for this movie is based on the story of a real-life Japanese geisha named Sada Abe, who strangled her lover boss in a fit of passion and took his body parts as a souvenir.

7. “Wasteland”Alamy / Legion MediaWasteland

Director Terrence Malick’s stunning film debut, Wasteland is based on the story of a couple in love, Charles Starkweather and Caryl Fugate, who committed a series of murders in 1958 in Nebraska and the surrounding states. The film came out in the early 1970s, when stories about lovers on the run were at their peak after the release of Bonnie and Clyde.

6. Bonnie and ClydeAlamy / Legion MediaBonnie and ClydeBonnie and Clyde is a special, monumental film about one of the most famous couples in American history. The picture is also distinguished by the fact that never before in the cinema the themes of crime and sex have not been discussed so openly and without harsh condemnation. The film’s sharp, bloody climax is still revolutionary today.

5. “Munich”Everett Collection / Legion Media”Munich”This is not Steven Spielberg’s most famous three-hour film. At the center of the story is the revenge of Israeli spies on the Palestinian terrorists who staged an attack at the Olympics in 1972, which killed 11 members of the Israeli national team. Munich has both meaning and an attempt to answer important questions – and there is a place for humanism.

4. “M”Nero Film AG Nero Film AG / Legion Media”M”The genre of films about serial killers owes a lot to German director Fritz Lang for his astounding 1931 film, which is based on the true story of the investigation into the case of the maniac Peter Kürten from Düsseldorf. The portrait of the underworld, whose members are trying to catch one of the “friends”, boggles the imagination to this day.

3. “Sentenced to death fled”Masheter Movie ArchiveMasheter Movie Archive / Legion Media”Sentenced to death fled”The classic work by Robert Bresson tells the story of a criminal who escaped from prison in Nazi-occupied France. The plot is based on the memoir of the soldier Andre Deviny. Like other works by Bresson, this film is verified so much that it seems documentary.

2. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”Alamy / Legion Media”The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

This classic Tobe Hooper’s work very, very loosely interprets the crime story of serial killer and necrophiliac Ed Gein. But despite the fact that the maniac “Leatherface” is a fictional character, this film is in our rating for its realism.

1. “Nice Guys”Alamy / Legion Media”Good guys”

If this is not the best film by Martin Scorsese (and he could be), then at least one of the best: here are the time races, and the inflated ego of Henry Hill (played by Ray Liott), and the life of the mafia itself. No one else could have made a similar picture, and every gangster film will always be compared to this legendary tape.

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